Should You Start A Business?



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Morning! If you guys have followed me for any number of years you know I am huge on goals.  If one of your goals for the rest of this year or next year is to start a business this is for you.

I get asked these three questions all the time:

Q: Should I A Start A Business?

A: I don’t know, should you? But secretly if you have to ask me that question then no, you should not start a business. Running a business, starting a business, owning a business, is an incredible amount of work.  You’re going lose sleep, you’re going to lose friends, you’re going lose your social life, you’re going lose money, maybe, hopefully, you don’t lose money.

My last comment on that is if you think working 16/17 hour days for four years straight, not taking an income for two years, seems like too much for you? Then no, you should not try.

But if you want freedom and fun and you want to do whatever you want and you want to be the boss and you want to travel and you want to make more money and come up with fun ideas and lalalalala, then YES you should! WooHoo Get Excited!



Q: What Should I Start My Business On?

A: People want to start a business but are frozen in fear or confusion of what they should actually pursue. Okay for this one, I would recommend that you take a second write down everything that people come to you and ask you questions about.  What do people want your advice on?  What are they just naturally asking you on a night out?

You will see a natural pattern emerge. Write them all down, tally them up and take your top 3 with the most points > Those are your topics to consider starting your business on! For example, people ask me all the time about marketing, photography, traveling, packing, organizing, and moving (because I move all the time), renting, health tips. So, If I was going to start another business it would be on one of those topics.

Note: Of course you do not have to start a business in something that people ask you about!  It is simply my favorite way to get you into thinking about what you are already known for. But, maybe you don’t have any desire to talk about Topic X all day long, I get it. So scratch that one out. But do gravitate towards the one or two on the list that just pulls you toward them when you read those words and you’re just like, “Yes! - I Love This!”



Q: How Long Is It Going To Take To Get Discovered?

A: Part a): If you’re starting a business officially on something that you’re already known for - you’ve been posting about it for years... Let’s say fitness, and you want to do health and wellness, and you come up with a lotions line, its going to take you 6 months to a year.

A: Part b): Let’s say you have a day job in project management, but you secretly love making watches. But over the course of your lifetime, you have never once posted about this topic: you have zero posts about watches; why you like them, where they’re from, your watch collections, travels to see watches being made. You have none of that, people don’t even know you own a watch! Go ahead and give yourself about two years for that one.

You don’t just wake up tomorrow morning and say “I love watches, buy my watches, read all my s*%t about watches”. Okay? It doesn’t happen that way.  People don’t know you.  They don’t trust you.  They think you’re nuts. You have to build a relationship.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re awesome. I want to know what business you are starting, I love to help people start their companies, promote their companies, it’s just in my nature - because when you succeed I succeed!


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Sonja Thorsvik