Monkey Fist Joins Marine Marketers Of America


We are a proud new member of the Marine Marketers Of America.

Marine Marketers of America is an ‘exclusive association for those employed marketers working in the marine industry.’ They are active online, hold well-attended meetings at boat shows, and founded the Neptune awards: The most prestigious marketing awards in the marine industry, which of course we will be entering this year.


I have been following this group for a while, attended the lunch conference last year at FLIBS where I met a lot of very enthusiastic members, and just joined officially this week! I’m Looking forward to connecting with everyone.

My maritime marketing portfolio includes North Sails, Daedalus Yachts, Bertram Yachts, Coastal Climate Control, M Yacht Services, Boat-Wraps Chesapeake, and a new big client announcement on the way.

I have attended on average 30 boat shows globally, and even worked in the maritime industry before starting this company. It was time to join.


Find more information on their organization here.

Sonja Thorsvik