How To Feel More Confident In Videos


Video content marketing is something I believe in to grow your business.

Most of my video is posted to Instagram Stories and Facebook - and devoured by an audience always hungry for more.

I also grew up in a photography family so learned early on how to be comfortable in front of a camera.

But, I realize for most, going ‘live’ can be challenging and overwhelming.

Regardless if you prefer the quick and fun 15 second video clips, or shooting more professional videos for your company website - these tips are for you.

In this article I talk about some ideas and methods on how to be more confident on video so you can grow your online marketing presence and get actual results immediately.


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A whopping 85% of consumers say a brand video has influenced their purchasing decision.

If you are ignoring video marketing, you are getting left behind.

Here at Monkey Fist, I create videos of myself as well as clients - and let me tell you - getting someone on camera can be challenging.

It is my job to make someone comfortable, put them in the best light [literally], and edit for platforms - but everything in the middle is up to them.

The problem is that if the person with the best story or the most knowledge in the business is ‘camera shy’ a video loses its magic immediately. And is thus more challenging for the person trying to create dynamic content - the marketing team.

Here are some video strategies and ideas on how to become more confident in a video so you can connect with your audience and grow your business.



+ Practice With Video Conference Meetings And FaceTime 

A great way to learn how you sound and look on camera. When you are filming a professional video pretend that you are simply chatting with someone on the other end like you do in a meeting. Your video tone and flow will be more natural this way. It is all about personality.

+ Practice Use Instagram Video Stories

Instagram Stories are 15 seconds long and disappear after 24 hours. Shoot 5-10 videos everyday for 2 weeks and I guarantee you’ll improve. You gain confidence over time. Do this until it becomes second nature. No excuses.

+ Practice Your Video Editing Skills

If you can’t afford a video editor you must edit them yourself. This will gain you 10x the amount of video views. Knowing all the ways you can edit a video before you shoot it, gives you room to mess up because those mess ups can simply be removed. How’s that for a confidence boost?! Shoot, Edit, Repeat. [and see my blooper reel at end of the video above for all the things I had to remove 🎥😋]



+ Plan Good Lighting 

My favorite tip: good lighting can make or break a video. Good lighting also makes you look better - therefore, and most would agree, makes you more confident. I like to use natural window light whenever possible. If you need extra light, a Light Ring works well and fills in any harsh shadows. Shoot when the sun is at a good position too - usually between 9-11am or 2-4pm.

+ Plan The Correct Camera Angle 

Not angled too far up, not angled too far down. Your camera for professional videos should be centered straight on so you can look natural and confident - like the leader you are.

+ Plan To Shoot In Your Zone

Where do you feel comfortable? I’m most comfortable in my home/studio. Shoot your video where you feel confident! It can be in your office or out in the jungle.



+ Structure A Beginning Middle & End

Humans can really only digest around 3 things at once. Before you shoot, plan what you are going to say. Create a quick intro of yourself, tell your story, and have a closing. Within the video, it can be good to have 3 pieces of advise to follow and say the numbers out loud so everyone can follow along.

Example: “In this video we discuss three ways CEO’s can win at video marketing. Tip #1 is…”

Structure gives you confidence because you are not 'winging it’ - you are there with a purpose.

Pro Tip: If for example you are put on the spotlight at an event, and a videographer asks to interview you - Ask them nicely before shooting what the structure of the video is so you aren’t left stranded stumbling around. Remember, they want what You have to say.



If there is one thing I have learned being a business owner [and human being in general] is that you will get judged no matter what you do. The confidence in knowing that has helped me tremendously in life, in deciding on my legacy, and especially on video - so just start!

Video Marketing can be a lot of fun, and increase your brand exposure tremendously. I hope you take advantage of these confidence boosters and go out and shoot more video this year. 😄👍🏼

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