Discover Your Social Media Power Categories


Problem: You don't know what to post on Social Media

Solution:  Find your Top 10 categories and consistently post about them on social media. 

Cost: FREE

Time:  Varies. The exercise could take 1 - 2 hours (only done once then you know forever!) 

Result:  You'll have a roadmap on what to post, more confidence, and less overwhelm. 



Imagine being able to properly leverage social media to tell your story...

In this post you will learn how to present the right carrot, with your 10 biggest power posting categories, to resonate with your ideal client so they take action.

All of social media platforms and websites are based on categories.  You can see this system working in places such as tag filters in portfolio websites, hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, and in related posts on blogs.  And now it’s time to find yours.

This is the exact strategy I use with my clients to grow their social media accounts by over 30% month over month. Sometimes it’s as high as 80%!



Stick To The Rules
Find Your Categories
Put Refined Categories Into Rules
Remain Consistent And Trust The Process



All companies on social platforms should post a mix of content.

The easy rule to follow:

30% Promote Your Business
30% Educational Tips
20% Related Industry Information
10% Pull Back The Curtain
10% Experiment

Always keep the 30% ‘Promote Your Business’ rule so you don't oversell yourself.  The rest can be adjusted over time if needed. 



For the questions below list a minimum of 3 answers for each.

Yes, at the end you will have a ton of topics.  We will refine them later, don’t you worry.

I fully understand you might not have answers to all of these yet (ex. you are just starting out and don’t have social media, analytics set up, or a blog).



+ What you want people to type into Google search to find you?

+ What topics are people always asking you about?

+ What is your competition offering? (use their exact words)

+ What type of giving back to your community or charity to you do?

+ What current services/products/programs do you offer?

+ What do you want to be known for?

+ What industry events coming up or some that you are attending?

+ What is everyone talking about in Facebook groups you are part of?

+ What are websites you have bookmarked?

+ What are the organic keywords in Google Analytics people are using to find you?
(Google Analytics > Acquisition > Overview > Organic Search)

+ What are the other interests of your current website visitors from Google Analytics?
(Google Analytics > Audience > Interests > Affinity Categories)

+ What emotion do the branding photos you use portraying?

+ What are your favorite brands posting about?

+ What are some favorite quotes you resonate with?

+ What are some websites that cover your industry topics?

+ Who are your current clients?  Age, location, gender, interests?

+ What are posts have the most comments or likes on your current social posts?

+ What places have you been featured in or where would you like to be featured?

+ What testimonials do you have about your work?

+ What fun photos do you have of yourself or your team working?

+ What are your most popular blog posts?

+ What are your best portfolio pieces?

+ What questions are people always asking you about your product/service?

+ What local news for community awareness relates to your industry?

+ What are your most popular Instagram posts?

+ What are your business milestones?

+ What products could you write a review on related to your business?

+ What shocking statistics go along with what you are selling?

+ What quick tips come to mind about your product/service?



OK, now you have a massive list of not only categories but of ideas you can use in the future too!

Time to refine.

Our goal is to get you 10 categories that you will consistently post about on social media.


STEP 1:  Go through and reread your answers twice.  Get excited that you have so much to share!

STEP 2:  Highlight repeat keywords.

STEP 3:  List the keywords that you have highlighted and tally them up.

STEP 4:  The keywords with the most tally marks win!


Now you have your 10 new keyword categories to use!

You have found out what you want to be known for, what people think you are an expert about, what people need answers to most, the perfect mix of resources to give your fans, where you are going to pull your information from, information that will excite your readers and more!



Put your 10 new categories into the rules from part one (they should fall into one of these):

30% Promote Your Business
30% Educational Tips
20% Related Industry Information
10% Pull Back The Curtain
10% Experiment

ALRIGHT! At this point, you have your 10 Social Media Power Posting Categories, and have put them into rules so you know how much to post about each - and its time to celebrate!



At the least use your 10 social media power categories for 3 months before you refine (if needed). So let’s say on Monday’s you ‘Promote Your Business’ – on each Monday in the month you post about one of your ‘Promote your Business’ categories. Easy!

To make life even easier for social media read:  Organize Your Brand Photos In 5 Easy Steps

As I wrote in my other post here, it can take a person seeing your message 27 times before their brain notices you.  You have to stay consistent in this game.

So, Remain consistent and trust the process. 

I guarantee that knowing your 10 social media power categories will reduce your stress, give you more confidence in your posts, and grow your business.

Seriously, that was a lot of work, go celebrate (and don’t forget to post about it!) 

Sonja Thorsvik