4 Ways To Miss Your Website Launch Date


Counting down to a website launch date takes more than just “flipping the switch.”

Launching takes months of work, precise measurement, organization, and confidence.

Any web developer and team know launch day is one of the most nerve-racking times.

I have launched many sites over the years and the days leading up to the launch, and the days after are the times when you need to be most alert. READY FOR ANYTHING.

Did I tell you about the time when I launched a site for a magazine about 3 minutes before the power went out on the whole peninsula, and yes, the servers were in-house = my own personal nightmare.


You cannot plan for everything in life, but you better get pretty darn close to it with your website launch.

Here are 4 ways to miss your website launch date:



There should be a master checklist that you review and updated daily. I personally use a simple Numbers checklist – (a very long checklist – ha!) that has all phases of the process outlined. The list should have deadlines and priorities that are stuck to, and you should feel joy and happiness every time you get to check one off!



Spelling, grammar, punctuation – you know when you see a misspelled word it makes the source look less credible.  If you don’t have a professional editor on staff, try getting friends or family to look at your content. Or ask someone in a Facebook group. 



This one is for you boss. Hopefully, you signed off on wireframes for the look and feel of your site and love everything about it! But you keep changing your mind because you have a new idea, you read a blog on the topic and now think that is the truth, or you just think you're not ready. This one will set you back the most, so trust that you made the right decision, and move forward.



The biggest struggle of a web designer is testing compatibility in all browsers to make sure the website looks good everywhere: Safari, Chrome, IE, Firefox, and of course mobile. When someone is checking out your site during your soft launch and they are using a different browser than what you built the site on – some things might now work. Entire pages might look different– it’s just how it is.



Please do not ever launch your site on a Friday afternoon. Unless you have the developer, designer, and IT team working overtime all weekend in case of the slightest hiccup. Steer clear my friends and wait until Monday morning when you have a full solid week to monitor. #protip

Remember launching your new shiny, money-making weapon is not the end, it's just the beginning! Websites need constant maintenance, SEO, adjustments, and content creation, and I’m happy to help. 

Share these 4 tips with anyone who is in the process of a build, and happy launch day!

Sonja Thorsvik