With over 40+ clients to date may we present a few highlights.

Each was unique, had it’s own challenges, and exceeded our expectations to work with.



Bertram Yachts

America’s Favorite Boat Brand


Bertram Yachts & their brokerage division Richard Bertram Yachts needed a quick and seamless marketing transition as the company restructured. Made in the USA, their legacy yachts have a sincere and massive fan following. We are in charge of maintaining their brand image, promoting the new Bertram 61, rolling out the new Bertram 50, and showcasing the Bertram 35. Each platform we market on is tied to a larger marketing strategy. A project like this truly exciting and fun for us to handle. The company is rich in history, and it has been our pleasure to help expand the Bertram Empire. Their company is owned by the Gavio Group in Italy who operates through two well-established yacht brands: Baglietto, a long-standing luxury yacht builder, and Bertram Yachts, an icon of yachting in the United States.



Daedalus Yachts

America’s First Hydrogen Powered Production Yacht

D80 harbour.jpg

A hydrogen powered zero emissions yacht company built in the USA. Digital efforts included social media, magazine editorial, videography, newsletters, custom branded gifting, in-person client meetings bothy domestically and internationally, VR tours, and customized event planning.

Special Considerations: Daedalus Yachts wanted selective marketing to individuals for the first year due to privacy and the 80ft yachts higher price point. We won Best In Show at the first boat show attended.



Daedalus D80 is a smart ocean supercat capable of low-emission long-distance luxury cruising.

"The new D80 in build from Daedalus in North Carolina features a cutting edge hybrid-electric regeneration system that converts excess electricity into hydrogen that can be stored on board."

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Daedalus Yachts, an avant-garde catamaran

"This Multiyacht’s specification is audacious: to sail permanently at one and a half times to twice the wind speed, with average speeds of over 20 knots, and provide the comfort of a Superyacht, without producing a gram of CO2, and offering unlimited independence."

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Style Lyrical

UK Fashion style service. "Handpicked style delivered straight to your door." Pivotal to the Founders goals was a strong social presence in the months leading up to launch including content creation for social, blog feeds, and PR. Worked along side designers and media to establish collaborations. They eventually went to receive promotion in highly regarded publications including Cosmopolitan,, and Sunday Times Style Section.





Rolex Swan Cup Caribbean

Head Of Media Production + Live Social Updates



Coastal Climate Control

Marine Cooling, Monitoring, and Solar Solutions. We have run daily social media for them for five years. Over 4,000 posts have gone out to their growing fan base. Client growth is at a steady pace and within the first six months of working with Monkey Fist Digital they did "more business than we had done in 22 years!" Efforts are made to make their social visually appealing while blending nicely with their sometimes more technical subject matter.



You!Healing International

Fasting & Cleansing For empowered living

INDONESIA + sigapore + USA

THIS SPECIAL PROJECT WAS PART DISCOVERy AND PART GROWTH. RUNNING SOCIAL MEDIA TO VARIOUS PARTS OF THE WORLD IN ORDER TO ATTRACT NEW CLIENTS. since the reinvigoration of her online presence, you!healing International has quadrupled its client base, allowing for the ower to offer her dream: free healing programs to children anywhere in th world, all you have to do is ask.




The World's #1 Soccer Skills Training Method

Soccer Camps throughout the east coast, USA. A Method that focuses on Individual skills development and small group play endorsed and recommended by the top federations, associations, legends/experts of the game, club teams and corporations. For this exceptional company we ran daily social media, analytics, Facebook advertising, and newsletters for a number of years. Priority goal was to get enrollment full before the summer started. With consistent messages and advertising, that goal was completed 1.5 years early. This owner was able to buy out his competition within the first year. 




The Worldwide Leader In Sailmaking


My first client. I was in charge of "Global Marketing Clean-Up". Discovering all of the individual North Sails accounts, closing them down or enhancing certain countries if needed. Social media consultation specifically Facebook. Heavy SEO and analytics for the US marketing efforts, and headed the US clothing line launch initial decision strategy. assisted in the branding strategy for 3di sails.




A Maryland leading general contractor with the most award-winning projects in the state. Their portfolio includes: schools, hospitals, yacht clubs, restaurants, LEED projects, banks, and many more categories. We were there when the two brands combined into one, creating a power-house unity in the build industry. With a new website, social media, newsletter, and print marketing, these guys made their mark. They also started to rank on page one of search results. This project was literally us flipping through binders from the 1970’s and creating a digital presence out of them. BGC | G&G produces absolutely stunning work each and every time and they were a pleasure to work with.




I have worked with very diversified clientele over my career. Companies who are full of energy and positivity and who want their marketing done right.

We are loyal, consistent, and persevere not matter what the situation. If that also sounds like you, we are probably a good fit.

Talk Soon,

Sonja K. Thorsvik