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About Monkey Fist Digital:

Monkey Fist | A Digital Marketing Co. was founded in 2012 by Sonja Thorsvik. Since then we have worked with over 40 clients in a number of industries including: publishing, yachting, wellness, fitness, real estate, construction, and solar. Our company creates, schedules, distributes, and analyzes digital content for Social Media, Websites, Blogs, and Newsletters.

Essentially, we act as the Marketing Department for companies. They outsource this vital role to us, and generally we do not share with the public that we are marketing for them. Therefore we help companies experience a massive amount of growth, but do not take credit immediately. So, you can scream from the roof tops that you work with Monkey Fist Digital, but exposing client names might not be acceptable.

Our customer retention rate is 98%. Meaning, once a company works with us, they stay on until contracts are over. That's a big deal! We take pride in this fact.

Monkey Fist Digital is based in Annapolis, MD USA and works with clients remotely, worldwide.





Interning At Monkey Fist Digital:

The Monkey Fist Digital Marketing Internship program teaches you the inner workings of a digital media, social marketing, and PR company. You will work directly with our Founder and be exposed to the day-to-day events of our dynamic fast-paced industry. This position comes with a small weekly stipend, is remote, and sometimes requires non-traditional hours. Although Monkey Fist Digital works in a variety of industries a lot of our techniques are the same across them all so you will develop an area of expertise as you do repeat (but fun) work. 


Participants will gain an understanding of marketing, advertising, project management, editorial planning, merchandising, analytic insight, and visual branding. This internship will provide you with a unique opportunity to directly apply your skills in real world settings. You will use traditional social platforms and software as well as have the ability to test new technology when needed. You must already believe that social media platforms are effective marking channels, and that the world is a better place because of them. 


Additionally, you will be building up your personal online profile, learn advanced planning techniques, and gain understanding of organic vs. paid online traffic in our market. This job requires a lot of writing, research, and finding images. We are looking for someone who can not only get the job done, but come up with creative ideas as well. Meeting deadlines are imperative as real, live companies depend on your work. 


Roles + Responsibilities

•     Enhancement of Marketing efforts for Monkey Fist Digital

•     Collaborate on digital marketing initiatives

•     Find articles and visuals for various clients

•     Copywriting For Social Media Captions + Blogs

•     Track growth and analytics

•     Develop Marketing Budgets

•     Transcribe video to text

•     Schedule social media

•     Help create and send newsletters

•     Photo + Video Editing

•     Work on organic growth for Facebook + Twitter

•     Track personal progress of goals




•     1 Year Previous Marketing And/Or Social Media Content Creation

•     In College? Minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA, all majors considered

•     Study Abroad/International experience is a plus

•     American English Speaking + Writing



Technology Skills:

•   You must have your own computer + smart phone with the latest updated version of apps

•   Knowledge of Software Programs: Asana, MailChimp, Buffer, and Canva are a major plus

•   Graphic Design + Video Editing are a major plus

•   WordPress + Squarespace knowledge are a major plus

•   Word and Excel are used weekly

•   We use Gmail Business. We require you to use this as a stand alone, not forward our work emails to your personal account. 


Communication Skills:

•     Excellent communication and relationship building skills

•     Ability to think independently

•     Use various types of communication methods such as email, video meetings, and app software programs

•     Communicate effectively during learning phases to address issues so they do not happen again in the future

•     Weekly Friday 'accomplishment' emails




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Sonja Thorsvik

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Start Date September 1, 2018

Although this position is remote [ aka you can work from anywhere! ] we meet our deadlines with the

EST time zone + we will have an in-person meeting prior to the start date.