Marketing + pr + social

Monkey Fist plans, creates, schedules, distributes and monitors content for your Social Media Platforms, Websites & Events.


Run By Sonja Thorsvik




We run your Social Media [Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter] platforms with minimal input needed from you. We also handle and create PR with Magazines, News, Press, and Editors to get you even more exposure.


consistency is key!

Our award-winning marketing helps your business grow customers. Understanding the power of consistent visual branding we amplify your message using successful and proven marketing strategies - so you don’t have to.

→ On average it takes a person 27 times of seeing your message/logo/brand before they take action… You must keep putting out content to build your audience.

[hint… that’s what we do for you]


celebrating with over 40 clients & 7 successful YEARs in business…

Serving more than 90K actively engaged humans each day based out of Annapolis, MD, USA & providing services virtually worldwide.


do something today your fuTURE self will thank you for.

We are not in your office, but we do become part of your voice + your team + respect your company culture. Oh, and we don’t cut corners. Since we are representing your business and ideas everything you have built becomes important to us. When you work with Monkey Fist, it’s truly our pleasure to help you grow. Your success is our success.